Brussels, troubled by target model delays, sending experts for support

The European Commission, showing signs of disaffection over delays in the implementation of regulation revisions linked to the target model, crucial to the country’s electricity market reforms, has decided to send a team of technocrats to Athens for technical support in an effort to swiften procedures, energypress sources have informed.

A two-month delay in code reforms being processed by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, and IPTO, the power grid operator, following a related legislative approval in December, has prompted these concerns in Brussels.

According to sources in Brussels, the European Commission fears these delays could derail proceedings concerning the target model, aiming to harmonize Greece’s electricity wholesale market with EU standards.

The visiting technocrats will offer their expertise in an effort to push ahead the related developments currently seen drifting between LAGIE, IPTO, as well as RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

Brussels officials believe this intervention is necessary in order to prevent reaching a situation, a few months from now, that would require target model deadlines to be rescheduled.

Late last month, LAGIE announced the results of a public consultation procedure for the target model codes, which need to be adjusted to the demands of legislation concerning the energy exchange.

IPTO has already informed that the electricity balancing market – to ensure the security of supply at the least cost and deliver environmental benefits by reducing the need for back-up generation – cannot operate before spring in 2019. IPTO will be responsible for the balancing market once it is launched.

RAE recently decided to appoint a consultant to appraise codes concerning the intraday and day-ahead markets, currently being processed by LAGIE, as well as codes concerning the balancing market, being prepared by IPTO.