Brussels approval expected for electricity bill subsidies

The energy ministry is expected, any day now, to seek approval from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition for its plan to offer electricity bill subsidies to households, severely impacted by the ongoing energy crisis.

Subsidy amounts planned by the energy ministry for September and each month of the year’s final quarter are considered a form of state aid and, as a result, will need to be approved by Brussels, sources have informed.

The energy ministry is now preparing its approval request for full legal coverage of its initiative.

Brussels is not expected to object to the subsidies, which it views as necessary tools to help combat the crisis’ exorbitant prices.

Energy costs are expected to be particularly challenging for households during the last couple of months of the year as the price surge is seen continuing during this period.

Greece’s average wholesale electricity price in October rose by 50 percent compared to the September average, reaching 202 euros per MWh from 134.73 euros per MWh.

The government has already decided to make available 327 million euros in electricity bill subsidies for the year’s final four months, taking into the account the energy price surge anticipated in the final quarter.