Authority’s fixed CAT plan headed in right direction, EVIKEN notes

A proposal made by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for the country’s fixed CAT mechanism to compensate electricity producers is headed in the right direction as, compared to the current temporary CAT model, it factors in a wider range of selection criteria for producers, EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, has noted in letter sent to the authority. A public consultation procedure for the mechanism is now in progress.

In its letter, EVIKEN also pointed out that the fixed CAT mechanism needs to take into account the electricity market’s imminent restructuring.

In addition, the association noted that the “disruption management” plan – enabling major industrial enterprises to benefit from electricity cost savings in exchange for shifting energy usage to off-peak hours whenever required by the operator – which is scheduled to remain valid until October, 2017, will need to be extended until the target model, Greece’s series of adjustments needed to meet the EU’s wider plan for an integrated energy maket, is fully implemented.