Athens gas supply company cuts prices by 6% for March

Natural gas tariffs to be charged by EPA Attiki, supplying the wider Athens area, for March will be six percent lower than they were in January, according to energypress sources.

The price drop amounts to 20 percent if calculated year-on-year, from this March to March last year.

EPA Attiki will reduce its natural gas price level to 5.4 cents per KWh – or 0.05379 euros per KWh to be precise – for March following revised wholesale rates offered by DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation.

The new price will apply to all consumer categories. Consumers can expect to see the new rates on their next gas bills, to be received in April.

The industrial sector stands to benefit most from this latest price reduction, while households will gain to a lesser extent, as the new rate drop comes at a time when the warmer spring weather is set to arrive.

DEPA is expected to proceed with further price cuts over the next few months, as long as international gas prices remain low and the euro-dollar exchange rate remains stable.

The latest DEPA price reduction is the corporation’s third successive rate drop over the past year. DEPA reduced its gas prices by three percent for a four-month period early in 2015, while a 2.9 percent reduction followed for the ensuing four-month period before this latest drop. The total reduction over the 12-month period amounts to 9.1 percent. DEPA resets its prices every four months.