Athens among Europe’s ten most expensive cities for energy

Athens ranked among Europe’s ten most expensive cities for electricity and natural gas last December, according to a monthly Household Energy Price Index (HEPI) report.

The data, collected for the HEPI report by the regulatory authorities for energy of Austria (Energie Control) and Hungary (MEKH) in association with energy consulting firm VaasaEET, highlighted the skyrocketing electricity and gas prices around Europe.

The Greek capital was ranked sixth in terms of retail electricity cost in December, Athenian households paying an average of €0.315 per KWh.

Copenhagen was Europe’s most expensive city for electricity with a December average price of nearly €0.40 per KWh. The Danish capital was followed by London (€0.396), Brussels (€0.37), Berlin (€0.362) and Amsterdam (€0.343). These price levels include taxes.

Electricity prices averaged €0.24 for the EU and €0.23 for the total of 33 cities included in the survey.

The lowest electricity prices were recorded in Kiev (€0.0546), Belgrade (€0.0811), Budapest (€0.105), Podgorica (€0.105), Valletta (€0.123) and Sofia ((€0.123).

Athens recorded the biggest electricity price increase in December, compared to November, which reached 22 percent. The Greek capital was followed by Stockholm (17%), Warsaw (12%) and Amsterdam (11%).

Athens was also high on the list of natural gas prices for households, ranking seventh in December with an average price of €0.12 per KWh.

Stockholm topped this list with an average price of €0.234 per KWh, followed by Copenhagen (€0.194), Amsterdam (€0.19), Bern (€0.143), Rome (€0.13) and Vienna (€0.125).

Europe’s lowest natural gas prices, ranging from €0.025 and €0.05, were recorded in Kiev, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Warsaw, Bratislava, Zagreb and Riga.