April subsidies package offers a number of surprises

The government’s latest electricity subsidy package, concerning consumption in April, feature a number of surprises, including an 80 percent month-to-month subsidy increase for households, as well as doubled support for businesses.

Electricity subsidies for households in April have been increased to 72 euros, covering monthly consumption up to 300 kWh, from 40 euros in March.

This subsidy amount, combined with a 30 percent discount offered by electricity suppliers, will ultimately reduce the price of a KWh to approximately 15 cents, from a level of 39 cents.

Enterprises, including professionals, farmers, shops, and industries, stand to receive monthly subsidies of 130 euros per MWh, double the 65 euros per MWh offered in March.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will also receive an additional 100 euros per MWh, taking the total subsidy amount to 230 euros per MWh in an effort made by the government to help them remain afloat amid the adverse energy-crisis conditions.

This bonus-subsidy measure for April, worth an estimated 35 million euros, promises to offer energy-cost support for 1.16 million enterprises, including restaurants, shops, kiosks, hair salons, offices and bakeries.

Retroactive electricity subsidies will also be offered to students and consumers who rent homes and are responsible for electricity bills not under their names.