Analysts predict improved results at PPC for first quarter

Though the focus of recent PPC-related publicity may have been on the power utility’s cash deposits in connection with the government’s growing pressure to meet debt payments, the main theme at today’s board meeting will concern endorsing the corporation’s first quarter results.

According to analyst forecasts, PPC expects a considerable improvement of its results, compared to the first quarter last year.

A latest estimate by Alpha Finance has predicted earnings per share will increase by about 30 percent over the two-year period 2015 and 2016. PPC’s profit performance in 2015 is expected to benefit from increased hydropower production, a 400 million-euro reduction in operating costs, as well as lower oil and gas prices. Alpha Finance sees net profit tripling to 400 million euros.

The prospect of tariff cuts remains the biggest threat for PPC, but they could be offset by an increase in Public Service Compensation (YKO) charges. The company is not expected to restrict revenues amid a period of escalating needs as a result of investments, which are set to begin and require financing. According to Alpha Finance, for every five percent tariff reduction, PPC would need to draw an additional 280 million euros from the banking system.