Mytilineos orders American LNG, energy hub role seen

The country’s second ever American LNG shipment, a 170,000-cubic meter order placed by Mytilineos that represents the first to be made by a private-sector company, is scheduled to dock at the Revythoussa islet terminal just off Athens on February 1.

A follow-up LNG order by a private-sector company would soon be made, a highly-ranked US diplomat told local media yesterday, adding the emergence of US gas in the wider region via Greece and the Revythoussa terminal carries a significant geostrategic dimension.

The arrival of American gas here reflects Washington’s vision of Greece as a prospective energy hub, the official noted, underlining the energy sector was a key matter in bilateral talks between the two countries last month.

The Mytilineos group has played a key role in ensuring the Greek grid’s sufficiency from early January, when temperatures around the country began dropping, until today, the scheduled arrival date of a new DEPA gas utility order from Algeria.

Over the past fortnight, crucial energy injections by the Mytilineos group into the Greek system have helped cover record-breaking levels of electricity demand.

The DEPA and Mytilineos LNG orders represent a change of dynamics in Greece and constitute a market reality, the US diplomat asserted.