Alternative electricity retailers capture 5% share of market

Judging by latest electricity market data, main power utility PPC’s announcement last week to reduce tariffs for professionals and offer bonuses to household consumers paying their electricity bills on time was prompted by a growing number of consumers shifting to rival retail suppliers.

Alternative suppliers captured nearly five percent of the retail market electricity in June, market data for the month, obtained by energypress, has shown.

Early estimates for August indicate that PPC’s market share has fallen below 95 percent for the first time since some form of competition had been generated a few years ago by the arrival of two new electricity retailers, Energa and Hellas Power, both now defunct.

The market data for the end of June showed that Heron holds a 1.6 percent share of the electricity market, Elpedison has a 1.2 percent share, Protergia has a 0.8 percent share, and all other companies share about one percent of the pie.

As for smaller electricity retailers, none of which are vertically integrated like the aforementioned firms, Green holds a market share of approximately 0.3 percent, Voltera and Watt + Volt both have shares of about 0.2 percent,while NRG holds a 0.15 percent share.