Akunis to ANA: Greek-Israeli relations are ‘strategic and stronger than ever’

Greece and Israel are preparing a new Memorandum of Understanding designed to encourage private-sector collaboration in finding innovative solutions to issues that are becoming urgent for the Mediterranean region due to the climate crisis, Israeli Minister for Science and Technology Ofir Akunis revealed in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency released on Sunday.
He said that such collaborations between the scientific and business communities of the two countries, focusing particularly on agri-technology, food technology and water management, were the purpose of his visit to Greece.
Referring to the broader context of Greek-Israeli bilateral relations, he noted that these were “strategic and stronger than ever” and said that cooperation between the two countries will be excellent, regardless of which government is elected, as it has been for the last decade with all governments.
Akunis also referred to his plans to visit the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki and participate in a memorial march for the Holocaust held on Sunday, expressing the Israeli side’s gratitude for the creation of a Holocaust Museum in the city.