Aktor leasing deal for vital Vevi mine in north signed

A leasing agreement granting Aktor mining and exploitation rights, for 15 years, of a state-owned lignite deposit in northern Greece’s Vevi region, close to Florina, has been signed and now needs to be ratified in Parliament before the beneficiary may begin work.

Deputy Environment, Energy & Climate Change Deputy Minister Makis Papageorgiou had signed an agreement just over a month ago awarding the mine’s rights to Aktor, a company whose portfolio includes mining, quarrying, construction, photovoltaics, facility and project management activities.

The Vevi lignite mine is significant for the national grid and its revival promises to bolster electricity production in Greece, the ministry noted, while adding that it will create close to 500 new jobs as well as 2,000 indirectly related positions.

Besides the energy and employment benefits, the mine’s revival also promises to rake in considerable revenues for the state’s coffers. The 15-year leasing agreement will generate over 150 million euros in net revenue for the state.

Aktor is expected to invest over 28 milllion euros over the first five-year period on mechanical equipment and related aspects. The company has agreed to commit over six million euros for research activities.

In the past, the mining site was operated by Violignit, but, following the company’s closure, the site’s control was taken over by the state and remained idle for some fifteen years. PPC, the Public Power Corporation, controls another mine in the area. According to sector authorites, the two mines, combined, are capable of supplying the nearby “Melitis” electricity station as well as one more power-producing plant.