November power prices at 15-16 cents/MWh after subsidies

Retail electricity prices for November are expected to fall to levels of about 15 to 16 cents per MWh following subsidies, set to be announced tomorrow by energy minister Kostas Skrekas.

The state budget will benefit greatly as a result of the sharp drop in natural gas prices, but, for consumers, final retail electricity prices will more or less remain unchanged compared to October levels.

Given current price levels in markets, budget money will probably not be needed for the government’s energy-crisis support effort to consumers as this support will most likely be fully covered by the Energy Transition Fund through electricity producer windfall earning injections into the fund.

Subsidies for the bulk of consumers, using up to 500 KWh per month, are expected to be set slightly below 24 cents per MWh.

Power utility PPC, the dominant market player, last week announced a November price of 39.7 cents per KWh for a month’s first 500 KWh of consumption, which, following the subsidy deduction, drops to between 15.7 and 15.9 cents.

Based on new law, suppliers are required to announce their electricity prices for the forthcoming month by the 20th of each preceding month.

Consumers using electricity of over 500 and 1,000 KWh per month will receive inversely related lower subsidies.

It remains unclear whether natural gas will be subsidized in November. With the TTF benchmark down to 100 euros per MWh, gas company DEPA does not need to subsidize households at a rate of 90 euros per MWh, as it had done in October.