1st Hydrogen & Green Gases Forum, an energypress event, June 23

The widespread promotion of Renewable Gas and especially green Hydrogen by the European Union, which has taken the form of legislative and regulatory decisions, while also resulting in funding tools, converges with the sector’s business activity and rapid technological developments.

Greece, at present, is in the process of developing a national strategy for Hydrogen, while many scientific and business initiatives aspire to play a role in the future, which, in some cases, is already here.

Within this context, the energypress team is organizing the 1st Hydrogen & Green Gases Forum on June 23, 2023, at the Wyndham Grand Athens hotel, an event aiming to become the annual benchmark for the industry.

As is the case with all other Forums organized by energypress, the Hydrogen & Green Gases Forum will essentially serve as a working conference rather than a “celebratory” event. This means that a group of politicians from Greece and abroad, sector officials, scientists, academics, as well as representatives of institutions and businesses will seek to delve deep into all issues arising in connection with the present and future of Hydrogen and Green Gases, a crucial sector.

Forum’s main themes:

  • EU policies and decisions
  • Adjustment initiatives in Greece
  • Hydrogen readiness – Networks
  • Hydrogen mobility – Transportation
  • Industry – Flagship investment plans in Greece
  • Technological developments and challenges

The forum will take place with in-person speakers (online participation is also possible) and conference participants. 

For further information and the event’s sponsorship program contact: Maria Delli, 2108217446, mariadelli@energypress.gr